Identity-Based Microsegmentation Guide
LAST UPDATED: October 8, 2021


July 30, 2021

Resolved issues

  • CNS-2259: Fixed the occasional issue that caused the App Dependency map to time out when the volume of flows was high.

Known issues

  • CNS-2739: Fetching huge amounts of data from the Dashboard may cause memory issues on VictoriaMetrics nodes.

  • CNS-2715: On failover, Enforcer connections are not terminated from the active control plane.

Deprecation notice

  • Namespace Editor role: If you have any API authorizations using this role, migrate them to the Namespace Administrator role. We will remove the Namespace Editor role in a future release.

End of Life (EoL) notice

  • Host services: If you are using host services, migrate to external networks and network rulesets. We will remove host services in a future release.