Identity-Based Microsegmentation Guide
LAST UPDATED: October 8, 2021


June 9, 2021

Resolved issues

  • CNS-2359: User with NS viewer and enforcer upgrader roles does not see upgrade chevron or multi select controls.

  • CNS-2080: Enforcer not handling v2 policies correctly when there are no RuleSets.

  • CNS-1998: Some Processing Unit to Processing Unit flows fail with invalid token errors.

  • CNS-1978: Windows enforcer mistakenly reports enforcerd crashed.

  • CNS-1896: Windows enforcer install/uninstall fails.

  • CNS-1863: Apoctl enforcer install fails on RHEL 8+ when installing enforcer via yum.

  • CNS-1746: CNI related alarm messages do not include the enforcer ID along with other relevant information.

  • CNS-1733: When “Show Policed Flows” is unchecked Processing Units do not report discovered flows in the access tab.

  • CNS-1730: Traffic is incorrectly classified as going to Somewhere instead of displaying the FQDN of the external network.

  • CNS-1663: Kernel panic caused by enforcer on Ubuntu.

  • CNS-1547: Enforcer install fails on Linux hosts that have the yum and apt package managers installed.

  • CNS-1544: Metadata extractor - Handle key with spaces.

Known issues

  • CNS-2470: Invalid token error within 3.14.x enforcers.

  • CNS-2263: “Missing Token” drop reason seen randomly.