Identity-Based Microsegmentation Guide
LAST UPDATED: September 27, 2021

June 24, 2021

Resolved issues

  • CNS-2359: Fixed the issue that blocked OIDC users with the Namespace Viewer and Enforcer Upgrader roles from upgarding Enforcers using the web console

  • CNS-2263: Fixed the traffic from Network list object are sometimes rejected with drop reason “missing token”.

  • CNS-1730: Fixed the issue where traffic to the domain in an external network occasionally went to Somewhere instead.

Known issues

  • CNS-2259: On occasion, the App Dependency map times out when the volume of flows is high.

Deprecation notices

  • Namespace Editor role: If you have any API authorizations using this role, migrate them to the Namespace Administrator role. We will remove the Namespace Editor role in a future release.

  • Host services: If you are using host services, migrate to external networks and network rulesets. We will remove host services in a future release.